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Welcome to Richland Faith!

If you're looking for a church in the Ceres and Modesto area, we're so glad you found Richland Faith online! Richland Faith Assembly of God is a meeting place where all people are welcome to come and worship. Whether you have been a follower of Jesus for years, or you desire to trust in God for the first time, we are ready to help you discover the fullness of God in your life.


Richland Faith Assembly of God has been active in the Modesto and Ceres church community for over 70 years, and we continue to carry on the traditions of its founders. Our success in reaching the community comes from our people. Join us at Richland Faith where you will find Bible-based teachings, uplifting music, and a real feeling of family and belonging.


We live in a society where information is everywhere. Whether you want to know about books, history, or how to build a block engine, that knowledge is at your fingertips through the internet. But at Richland Faith, we want to focus on a subject that seemingly gets neglected all too often: The Bible. We believe that God reveals Himself and speaks directly to us through His Words found in the Bible. Because of this, we offer an interactive Sunday morning study as well as Bible Studies for all ages throughout the week. Our goal and our desire at Richland Faith is that we help you become Biblically Literate.


Here at Richland Faith, we understand that going anywhere new can be a little intimidating, especially a new church.  So, let us give a glimpse of what you can expect when you walk in the door.  You'll be greeted with a welcoming & warm smile, along with a friendly handshake.  Feel free to sit anywhere you like and make yourself comfortable.  We start our service with a song and greeting from Pastor Richie, with more worship choruses and then an opening prayer. After that, we join our hymn song leader in singing some time honored classics, that may even take you back to a simpler time. After the music portion, we then join in prayer, some annoucements, and even a laugh or two! Pastor Richie will guide a us through a message and lesson, grounded in the Bible, and led by the Holy Spirit.  There is no prerequisite to attend any of our services, and you will never receive anything from our church without your permission.  We want you to feel welcome and to know that you are loved, not only by us, but most abundantly by our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.  We look forward to meeting you!



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